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We offer sweet and dry wines - red and white.
There are absolutly NO additives in our wines like external sugar, alcohol, sulfur or yeast.
We can do that because we only use healthy berries and care.

Moreover we don't use copper against funghi because we love life and don't want to harm it.

All plants are 100 % ours and cared by us. We own the fields or rent them. We dont buy grapes from other winegrowers to gain volume, so we keep control about our products from start. We know that the grapes are the key. Everything else is details or has nothing to do with wine.
We only use our plants, growing in the steep terraces, because only here the plants and berries can extract, evolve and produce those extraordinary aromas because of whom we came here. We use very limited nutrition because we want that density of taste you experience with our wines.
We don't water our plants. We don't use copper (heavy metall) at all! (Most Winegrowers do so, even most Biowinegrowers). What we use against the funghi is sulfur. But only at the field. You will never find sulfur near our barrels!
What we also don't do is adding sugar or alcohol to reach the high concentration of sugar.
Our trick is our location, our harvesting, individualy done on the exact point we want the berries to be and we only take those berries that are perfect! And I say berries, not grapes! None of those berries are injured or diseased. You can buy this little piece of nature from its origin in our SHOP!


holistic wine



everything we do is with and passion


we only use high quality materials and tools


minerals, stones, sun, air and mature plants


what we do and what happens we care

the air, sun and soil that our vines enjoy

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