CRBR bl vintage 2016

sweet white wine, produced by hand with love

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sweet white wine
- CRBR bl - vintage 2016 -
NO additives like sugar, alcohol, sulfur neither yeast - only by nature, love and care

color: white
grape variety: grenache noir 94%, grenache gris 6%
taste: sweet
alcohol % volume: 12
sugar residue (g / l): 223
acid (g / l): 3.8
SO2-content (mg / l): less than 15

Maturation without added sulfur - NO addition of external alcohol, NEITHER sugar or yeast

Late harvest, destemming only by hand, mashing by feet 100%, fermentation by own yeasts in inox barrel.
Pigeage three times a day during the first two months, followed by doing it once every two days for four months, further development in Inox without touching it for four months.
All talking is pointless - these are liquid raisins. The bottles are too small. The universe fits in the head. Eternity can be experienced. Life is too short.
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holistic wine



everything we do is with and passion


we only use high quality materials and tools


minerals, stones, sun, air and mature plants


what we do and what happens we care

the air, sun and soil that our vines enjoy

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