CRBR js vintage 2016

sweet red wine, produced by hand with love and time

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sweet red wine
- CRBR js - vintage 2016 -
NO additives! No additional sugar, alcohol, sulfur, yeast - only with love, nature and good vibes

color: red
grape variety: grenache noir 100%
taste: sweet
alcohol % volume: 14
sugar residue (g / l): 287
acid (g / l): 3.99
SO2-content (mg / l): less than 10

NO addition of technical grade alcohol or sugar and no addition of Sulfur

Late harvest, destalked by hand, 100% mashed by feet, fermented by it's own yeasts.
Berries and juice developed in inox-barrel and gotten mixed by hand 5 times a day for first 2 months, followed by mixing it another 2 months once every 4 days. Further development for 5 months without tapping.
super-concentrated and absolute exceptional wine! Only produceable in notably good years. ('JS' - because you always have to say 'YESSSS !!!' when having a sip)
A Grenache homage: pickled and rosined black cherries, wild berries and liquorice spice; complex and dense in its crumbly texture, permeated by juicy mineral, based on profoundly mature phenols, increased to the grandeur of the finest bound alcohol - a very rare gift of the vintage!
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holistic wine



everything we do is with and passion


we only use high quality materials and tools


minerals, stones, sun, air and mature plants


what we do and what happens we care

the air, sun and soil that our vines enjoy

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